9420001 - Pallet Collar 1218x817x350

9420001 - Pallet Collar 1218x817x350

This pallet collar converts a pallet into a versatile and robust bulk container in seconds. The pallet cover folds flat and can be nested when it is not used, saving transport space on its return journey. Strong and tough, a typical unit of a pallet and four collars can be stacked two high, each carrying a load of 500 kg. Easy loading and unloading, reducing handling time whilst reducing costs. Pallet collars are tough, long-lasting and cost-effective.

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Product specifications

Product reference 9420001
Lunghezza massima esterna (L) 1218 mm
Larghezza massima esterna (W) 817 mm
Altezza massima esterna (H) 350 mm
Lunghezza min interna (Li) 1155 mm
Larghezza min interna (Wi) 754 mm
Incremental stack height (Ha) 300 mm
Net weight kg 6.2 kg

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