Plastic pallets

Cost reduction

Why spend any more than necessary? Choose the right kind of pallet and pay the correct price for the precise application you have in mind. Schoeller Allibert can help you determine exactly what you need and make a realistic calculation of the cost-savings achieved by such a system over time...

Long-life returnable plastic pallets

Our Long-life multi-trip pallets are produced with high-quality virgin or reground polypropylene for outstanding efficiency in transport and storage. Our pallets are stable and therefore safe, easily stackable and can handle high loading capacities.

Plastic pallets advantages

Unlike wooden pallets, our plastic pallets have no dangerous nails poking out, do not absorb moisture and have no weight changes under different atmospheric conditions.

Although the initial investment may be slightly higher, if you examine the total cost of a BiPP solution, the return on your investment soon becomes obvious. Thanks to a reduction of product losses and the number of trips it can be used for, a BiPP pallet will actually save your company money over time.

Lightweight export pallets

EOS pallets are the European standard for export pallets, developed by Schoeller Allibert as a solution for the tightened sanitary regulations in many countries.

For export and limited trips

If you are a smaller company or exporter, you may not be interested in a returnable pallet system. In fact, you would like to pay the low price of a wooden pallet and still make use of the benefits of a plastic pallet.

In that case, we can offer you a selection of more than 60 different models of EOS pallets for limited trips. We do not call them ‘one-way’, because EOS pallets can definitely be used more than once. However, they are less robust than our BiPP returnable pallets.

Lightweight export pallets advantages

Our EOS plastic pallets do not have to be pre-treated or fumigated and are therefore an excellent alternative for wooden pallets without the expensive paper administration and the risk of refusal when entering the country of destination. As they are made of recycled materials, they also form a good alternative from a cost point of view.