Chemical Pharma

Industry challenges: The strict health & safety rules

In the healthcare sector, pallets face rigorous demands due to heavy loads, highly automated processes, and strict health and safety regulations. These constraints drive the need for innovative solutions that enhance logistics performance while ensuring compliance.

World leaders in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and animal care segments have chosen Schoeller Allibert Maestro Alligrip pallets as the base of their logistics performance.

In France, Germany, Italy and Belgium, healthcare major players and industry world leaders have chosen the MAESSTRO ALLIGRIP pallet range for different end-uses.

Why the MEASTRO pallet?

  • Moisture and Bacteria Resistance - Unlike traditional wooden pallets, the MAESTRO pallet does not retain moisture or harbor bacteria.

  • Consistent Weight - Its weight remains stable, ensuring predictable handling.

  • Easy to Clean- The MAESTRO pallet is easy to maintain, promoting hygiene.

  • Dimensional Stability- Fully stable dimensions allow seamless integration with automated handling and logistics devices.

Transform your supply chain

Upstream now all cosmetics and pharmaceutical products components (packaging, leaflets, labels, chemicals, raw materials...) are delivered on plastic non slip pallets so that no wooden pallets will enter their own premises.

During process, storage and order preparation phases, the need is clean pallets, no contamination, stable weight and 100% safety, whatever the type of cardboard or plastic boxes stored on the pallets there should be absolutely no packaging falling nor slipping on pallets.

The MAESTRO pallet is 100% compatible with all conveying and robotized handling devices and works smoothly and silently in all automated warehouses.

Thanks to flat decks packaging can be placed easily on pallets, and then thanks to the all deck surface being anti-slip there is no risk of any container nor cardboard falling when handling the loads with forklift or on conveyors.

No more damage and higher safety

For additional safety, the MAESTRO pallet offers a unique feature: runners surfaces are also 100% anti- slip.

The grip is obtained by additive moulded with raw material during manufacturing process so that it cannot be erased or reduced by abrasion; anti-slip quality remains the same during all pallet lifetime.

On racking systems unit load can go up to 1500 kg, thanks to steel bars reinforced runners in certain models.

No more damages to fragile products, no contamination and possibility to track and trace all movements thanks to RFID tags integrated in the Maestro pallet.

For cosmetics, pharmaceutical products healthcare and animal care industry leaders, the MAESTRO pallet has proven to be the most reliable, sustainable, clean and profitable solution and fleets keep on growing all over Europe.

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