Boxerpac helps improve health & safety for Air Liquide Homecare

Boxerpac helps improve health & safety for Air Liquide Homecare

Air Liquide (Homecare) Ltd is a provider of healthcare to patients with long term conditions such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), delivering a high quality service to patients and HCP’s which is cost effective for the NHS. Homecare services include Home Oxygen Therapy and Home Oxygen Assessment and Review Service.

Air Liquide deliver home oxygen to over 39,000 patients in London, North West of England, the East Midlands and South West of England enabling them to remain active, independent and improve their overall qualify of life and support over 4k patients through the Home Oxygen Assessment and Review Service.

Schoeller Allibert Boxerpac provides the ideal solution

Air Liquide were looking for a solution to transporting oxygen concentrators within their supply chain. Health and safety issues were identified due to the weight of the equipment resulting in potential back injuries to employees lifting the concentrators into high sided crates.

After reviewing all the facts, Schoeller Allibert considered several options including a half magnum container with drop down doors, but this still required a certain amount of lifting. So, the design team and the area sales manager proposed the Boxerpac with a modified sleeve.

The adaptation on the standard Boxerpac considerably reduced the lifting hazard, allowing the operator to walk into the base. The lip around the edge of the product stopped any units sliding out whilst being loaded. The door, which is made from a strong and durable ABS, simply slides into the Boxerpac base and is secured by Velcro strips on four corners. With the advantage of the product folding down for return transport and stacking for storage, the Boxerpac was the ideal choice.

The Results

Following extensive trials by the Air Liquide Health and Safety Team, the Boxerpac solution was very positively received and approved for use.

Jean de Tugny, Project Manager at Air Liquide (Homecare) Ltd said ‘the Boxerpac answered all the brief and will considerably improve health and safety for our employees’.

From 1st October, Air Liquide Homecare has been re-awarded the NHS contract for the provision of home oxygen in the South West of England, so having Schoeller Allibert Boxerpac will aid smooth and safe delivery of this important cargo for everyone.

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