Bepco Equipment Pooling system

Bepco Equipment Pooling system

Looking for rational logistics solutions to reduce damage to food products, improve order preparation speed and optimize truck filling along with an increased profitability for their own customers, Bepco pooling in the Baltics has chosen Schoeller Allibert to develop a brand new range of stack-nest food retail crates.

They chose Schoeller Allibert while we are the most innovative and reliable plastic packaging solutions provider to develop new products


In the market there were about 30 different RTI in the market. There was no coordination of RTI control and inventory, but also washing and sorting was costly. The old solution was not efficient and also not pretty in display. Moreover there was too much of cardboard in the supply chain and they wanted to remove as much of one-way packaging materials as possible.

The need for maximum 3 to 5 interstackable crates needed to be created. These would become the new standard and should be approved by the market. Another condition was that they needed to be suitable to palletize on a 1200x800 pallet and appropriate to efficient SKU. 

Some other conditions to keep in mind:

  • easy washable

  • suitable for all size of dairy primary packaging

  • suitable for all other category products

  • suitable for automatic lines

  • suitable for retail setup

  • suitable for cooling

  • Stackable

  • Safe

  • Solid and durable

  • Cheap

  • Track -and trace possibility

The main task was to develop durable crates with outside dimensions of 400x300 and almost the same inside dimensions providing space saving during return transport and warehousing. 


The ambition for Schoeller Allibert was to reduce total supply chain cost, but also to create a standardized "green-sustainable" packaging" that creates full visibility over the supply chain and that would replace all others in the market.


Creation of a new 400x300 balearm pooling create family with the possibility to add two 600x400 crates (bakery, meat, fruit and vegetables) and two 200x300 creates (small SKU).

Additional benefits and advantages

  • Possibility to track via RFID: product automated movements, less paperwork, quick transaction, analyzing tool for logistics movements

  • Shared responsibility with new pledge system: crates better utilized, lower costs for the full supply chain