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Image Of 9728001 - Pallet Collar 1218x1017x350

9728001 - Pallet Collar 1218x1017x350

Schoeller Allibert's pallet collar range enables you to convert a 1200x1000mm or 1200x800mm pallet into a versatile and robust temporary bulk container in seconds. Protecting uneven or irregularly shaped loads and simplifying handling in time-critical operations. The pallet collar folds flat, saving transport space on its return journey. Strong and tough, a typical unit of pallet and four collars can be stacked two high, each carrying a load of 500 kg. Easy loading and unloading, reducing handling times and saving distribution costs. 


Pallet collars are tough, long-lasting and cost-effective, unlike the disposable packaging. These pallet collars can be used again and again, removing the need to use one-way packaging such as cardboard and plastic wrap. By using the pallet collars, it enables you to reduce packaging waste and save money.

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Maximale Länge außen (L)1218 mm
Maximale Breite außen (W)1017 mm
Maximale Höhe außen (H)350 mm
Nettogewicht (kg)7.2 kg
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