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Image Of 9364000 - Galia lid  367x269x6

9364000 - Galia lid 367x269x6

This lid fits perfectly on our 400x300 Galia® range. The Galia® range is ideal for the automotive industry. Lightweight, standard European footprint, smooth finished and user friendly. Ergonomic handling thanks to the handgrips on all four sides. Designed in conjunction with system integration specialists to work seamlessly with automated systems. Track- and traceable thanks to the RFID option. All models inter-stack, all 400x300mm models stack 2 up on 600x400mm containers. 

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Maximale Länge außen (L)367.2 mm
Maximale Breite außen (W)268.6 mm
Maximale Höhe außen (H)10 mm
Nettogewicht (kg)0.165 kg
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