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Image Of 8467001 - Miniload Slotted divider short 381x20x272

8467001 - Miniload Slotted divider short 381x20x272

This width divider with slots is suitable for our Miniload® series. Miniload® is designed for automated handling systems and can be used in automated warehouses and external logistics. Silent and smooth, flat base and corners design allow the container to flow seamlessly and silently on any conveying system. The angled outer edge enhances fast direction changes and protects the container from shocks when used on conveyor belts. 32 holes on walls ensure fast sprinklers water and fire retardant drainage. Customizable thanks to the recessed zones for self-adhesive labels on sides. Secure your crates fleet, with the RFID tags and optional Barcode Label for 100% reliable tracking. 

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Maximale Länge außen (L)381 mm
Maximale Breite außen (W)6 mm
Maximale Höhe außen (H)272 mm
Nettogewicht (kg)0.26 kg
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