Image Of 5602303 - CE265 Hybrid 1200x1000x1147 - 3R BD DD SmartLink

5602303 - CE265 Hybrid 1200x1000x1147 - 3R BD DD SmartLink

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With a minimized number of parts, its UV resistant material, the Combo Excelsior Hybrid® is suitable for all harsh industrial environments and can stay stored outside on a long time range. Improved bottom discharge zone speeds up the liner and valve set up and removal. Dustcover on discharge zone ensures maximised hygiene during empty logistics and handling. All parts can be replaced maximising the life span.

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  • Einfache Reinigung - glattes Design
  • Einfache Handhabung durch nur einen Bediener
  • Easy to clean
  • Stackable - with or without lid
  • Suitable for heavy-duty usage
  • Foldable design - space saving
  • Bag-in-box system for transporting liquids
  • Bottom discharge - easy to empty
  • Tamper evident caps & closures available
  • Verstaile range of liners available
  • Compatible with DN50 valve
  • Reinforced version
  • Strong & sturdy design
  • Innovative t-lock design
  • Hybrid bottom discharge
  • Easy to fold - hinge system
  • Easy valve removal - innovative Releasy mechanism
  • Easy to repair - bayonet system
  • Drop door for easy liner fitting and removal
  • Secure lid - water-tight & self-locking
  • Foldable design - space saving
  • SmartLink ready
  • Warranty
  • Fully recyclable


Maximale Länge außen (L)1219 mm
Maximale Breite außen (W)1018 mm
Maximale Höhe außen (H)1147 mm
Nettogewicht (kg)105.3 kg
Betriebstemperaturbereich-20 °C - 40 °C
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