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Image Of 2506820 - Magnum Optimum Lid 1210x810x73

2506820 - Magnum Optimum Lid 1210x810x73

This lid fits perfectly on our Magnum Optimum® 1208. Schoeller Allibert's new standard foldable large container (FLC) is designed for industrial logistics. The Magnum Optimum® 1208 was created to meet the latest expectations of the market: optimized vehicle fill, maximum operator safety and a reduction in the cost of reverse logistics. With its low weight and IoT® ready construction, Magnum Optimum® is ideal for use in automated handling systems and can be electronically tracked and traced. With Magnum Optimum®, Schoeller Allibert is introducing the new generation of FLC's. 

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Maximale Länge außen (L)1210 mm
Maximale Breite außen (W)810 mm
Maximale Höhe außen (H)72 mm
Nettogewicht (kg)4.45 kg
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