8282200 - JumboNest 1200x1000x784 - 2R 2F

8282200 - JumboNest 1200x1000x784 - 2R 2F

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Strong, nestable and stackable, the Jumbonest® with 2 runners and 2 feet is the largest stackable and nestable rigid pallet container (RPC) on the market. The Jumbonest® is very hygienic thanks to its monobloc design, smooth walls and drainage holes that allow the easy removal of liquids and contaminants. Impact bumpers on the long sides enable the Jumbonest® to be tipped over without damaging the container. Speciality food grade HDPE material ensures optimal performance under chilled conditions. All 6 label zones have a special non-stick surface that ensures stickers can be easily removed without leaving any sticky traces. Jumbonest® is trackable and traceable thanks to the Snap-In RFID option and is also SmartLink® ready. 

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  • Food approved
  • Strong
  • Space saving
  • Smooth design
  • Washing
  • Versatile
  • RFID ready
  • Customisation
  • Revolutionary
  • CO2 reduction
  • SmartLink ready
  • Recyclable
  • Warranty

Product specifications

Product reference 8282200
External max length (L) 47.2 inch
External max width (W) 39.4 inch
External max height (H) 30.9 inch
Internal min Length (Li) 34.8 inch
Internal min Width (Wi) 27.6 inch
Individual Load Capacity 1323 pounds
Max Dynamic Load on Bottom Container in a Stack 2646 pounds
Incremental stack height (Ha) 30.1 inch
Usable Volume 138.7 gallons
Net weight kg 41.4 kg
Operational Temperature Range -4 °F - 104 °F

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