In an industry where cost efficiency is a by-word, the ability to reduce handling costs in the supply chain offers an attractive proposition. Schoeller Allibert produces a range of returnable transit packaging (RTP) solutions that are helping to strip waste and save money in the automotive supply chain worldwide.

Schoeller Allibert has worked with some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers as well as Tier One and Tier Two suppliers to develop a range of handling and distribution containers that help automobile and component manufacturers to optimize their supply chains, eliminate waste and reduce fuel and transport costs.

Products include hand-held containers, rigid and folding large containers, and pallets and dollies - all designed to protect components, speed delivery of goods to the production line side and, with foldable or stackable units, save valuable space on return journeys.

For optimizing logistics efficiency, folding large containers (FLCs) offer a packaging model that reduces return transport costs by increasing the number of empty containers that can be returned to the supplier in a single trip.

For small part supply, Schoeller Allibert offers a range of options, including the KLT modular family of rigid stacking containers, the Galia range, approved for and by the automotive industry and designed for use in demanding environments, and the Euro stacking containers which have attached lids for added security.

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