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In a world that depends upon logistics and transport, all shipped in packaging materials, we need to reduce the environmental stress caused by packaging waste. At Schoeller Allibert, we believe RTP ( returnable plastic packaging ) systems are the answer.

We are at the forefront of this revolutionary development.


We Schoeller Allibert , support the United Nations environment campaign (

In Practice:

Recycle your packaging

Schoeller Allibert offers its clients recycling knowledge and services. We offer full support and can take care of collecting, recycling and re-using returnable packaging materails that are ready for replacement . The products that are recycled at our facilities can even be safely used as food packaging .For this purpose, EFSA ( European Food Safety Authority) provided scientific advice and approval to our recycling process installed on three of our sites in the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain.

Iso Certified

Schoeller Allibert is proud to be an ISO certified company,most of our sites conforming to:

Q - quality

Schoeller Allibert strives to continuously improve its products, services and processes. Customer satisfaction is SA’s number one priority. Because customers work on a increasingly global basis with SA, we are working with one certified QA system in the USA and EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) group. We are busy implementing this in our Asian sites as well. Schoeller Allibert keeps its customers at the forefront of their markets.

Our Mission statement is:

Innovating your logistics for a better world. Create a Lean Operational Execution Machine, which delivers high value product to the market on time and in full.

We work to a continuous improvement process conforming to the PDCA ( Plan-Do-Check-Act) principle.

We regularly check our processes by means of internal, corporate and exteranl Lloyd's audits .We also ask our customers to audit us frequently.

E - environment

It is our ambition to design and produce our products with respect for the environment.

Our targets are:

In respect of this and our food safety certifications, our products fully meet the requirements for transport and packaging of Organic food.

SH - Safety & Health

Schoeller Allibert does everything possible to create a safe & healthy working environment for employees. We realize that safety is a matter of appropriate behaviour in the first place. Training and safety audits are used as tools to increase safety awareness and assure improvements in safety measures.

Some of our customers have audited us in relation to our Code of Conduct .These customers have concluded that we fully meet the UN Code of Conduct requirements.

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