Leading in innovation

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Leading in innovation

Schoeller Allibert creates innovative plastic packaging systems for a better world.

Continuous innovation

Continuous innovation is at the heart of our business. We see it as our task to ensure our clients are prepared for future challenges. In today's competitive markets, advantages resulting from smart design will rapidly translate into improved performance and considerable benefits.

Smart design makes the difference

Foldable containers that are stronger but weigh less will result in less fuel consumption during transport. Containers with 10% more transport volume and 30% less return volume when folded can make the difference in highly competitive markets like the automotive industry or agriculture.

Major innovations in returnable packaging

Many of the major innovations in plastic packaging systems were developed by Schoeller Allibert. We invented products like foldable large containers, such as the Magnum Optimum®, and bottle crates with in-mould labels. In addition, we invented and optimized production techniques like injection moulding and mirror welding, each time resulting in lighter, stronger and cleaner crates and containers. We take care of all the necessary steps, creating a sustainable packaging cycle.

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