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Reduce transport and packaging costs

Schoeller Allibert is your partner in reducing transport and packaging costs.

Cost Reduction

Returnable plastic packaging is less expensive than traditional materials like wood or cardboard: it is durable, sustainable, light, strong and safe. These are all factors influencing the costs per packaging unit per journey.

Logistic cost analysis

Making a thorough logistic cost-saving analysis for your company is a first step in deciding upon a new returnable packaging system. With our Logistics Analysis capabilities, we can assess your current packaging flow and pinpoint an optimal cost-effective solution. We can help comparing the packaging system you’re using today with our re-usable plastic packaging systems.

Our knowledge is built into software that helps pinpointing an optimum packaging solution for your products. Improving your logistics flow starts here. Ask us to run a Comparative Logistics Analysis of your packaging system and we will show you results!

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