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360º in returnable plastic packaging solutions

Schoeller Allibert can take care of every step of your logistics process.

We excel in the development of packaging solutions. However, we offer many more services: besides a wide range of innovative plastic packaging solutions, we offer a full circle of various services. We call this 360º in returnable plastic packaging solutions.

To provide the best results for your company, we can take care of every step of your packaging process. We cover your logistics process from start to finish, right up to recycling.

Logistics cost-saving analysis

Using returnable plastic packaging starts with making a cost-saving analysis.Schoeller Allibert believes in returnable plastic packaging because it is strong, safe and cost-efficient. The first step in gaining efficiency is a thorough logistics costs-saving analysis. We will show you good results!

Design and engineering

User-friendliness and sustainability are the driving forces behind designing and engineering your packaging system. Good design also reduces costs by improving durability.

Production and quality control

Our production process is state of the art and fully automated. It allows us to produce over 1,000 different products. Since our crates and boxes are handled by millions of people, they need to be safe. All our products are tested extensively for quality, durability and safety according to ISO standards. We continuously push ourselves to the limit to produce the most innovative products on the market, fully in line with our 360 degree concept.

Marketing propositions and campaigns

For clients in the retail and beverages industries, we have developed many creative packaging concepts. Our 3D printing and in-mould labelling techniques offer new opportunities for unique brand identities in the consumer markets.

When added value at the Point of Sale is called for, we gladly develop distinctive marketing campaigns, customized for your products and target groups.

Just let us surprise you!

Recycling services

Recyclability is an important feature of returnable plastic packaging systems. Schoeller Allibert offers all the recycling services necessary.We collect used containers and crates. After cleaning, grinding, washing and drying, they are ready to be remoulded and re-used. No pollution, no waste. We take care of all the necessary steps, creating a sustainable packaging cycle.

Using fewer scarce commodities is an important development for the packaging industry. By focusing on recycling, companies can considerably reduce their purchase of commodities and supplies. This is an important contribution to saving our environment. We feel a responsibility to support and endorse this positive development. We’re confident recyclability will set the standard.

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