’Returnable Transport Packaging has a key role in the transition to a circular and low-carbon economy.’

Schoeller Allibert’s sustainability strategy has three main pillars. These three pillars are based on a thorough assessment of our material sustainability topics and describe the main areas where we assess our contribution to positive change.

Our Strategy

Innovation for a circular economy

We design and innovate returnable packaging to meet the world’s need for sustainable and circular solutions.

Future proof planet

We enable the transition to a low-carbon economy in packaging and help shape a greener future.

Integrity at heart

We respect and value our employees and all our stakeholders and live up to the highest standards of ethics and governance.

Innovation and the Circular Economy are inseparable concepts on our sustainability journey.


Schoeller Allibert has a longstanding track record in creating efficient, returnable, and fully recyclable transport packaging. But our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there. We focus our innovative power on offering waste-free, climate-responsible, and fully circular packaging for today's and future generations.

Oliver Iltisberger - Chief Executive Officer Schoeller Allibert

Returnable Transport Packaging has a key role in the transition to a circular and low-carbon economy.

In our fast-moving world, packaging plays a supporting, yet crucial role across all supply chains and industries. To make packaging truly sustainable we need to both innovate our offerings and co-create supply chain solutions together with our customers.

Britta Wyss Bisang - Global Sustainability Director Schoeller Allibert

More circularity - less carbon emissions: at Schoeller Allibert we have recycled


tons of plastic into new high-quality crates, boxes and pallets (October 2022)

Sustainability publication 2022

This publication introduces the Schoeller Allibert sustainability strategy. It sets out our contribution to creating a better future by tackling the most pressing issues facing the environment, society and our business.

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