7810040 - SASI Bin 650x450x320 NR CH No Bumper Solid

7810040 - SASI Bin 650x450x320 NR CH No Bumper Solid

Schoeller Allibert's SASI® range is the 'silent automation' crate for systems integrators. Its specially designed wide, noise reducing double-base allows the use of shorter steel bars in a racking system. The SASI® range is ideal for use in automatic warehousing systems and is approved by all of the well-known systems integrators. Dividers are available to segment the container into up to 8 separate compartments according to the customer's requirements. Drainage holes easily remove excess water and meet fire safety requirements in line with current FM Global regulations. Available in 600x400 and 650x450 footprints and a range of depths. 

Viac informácií


  • Odvodňovacie otvory
  • Pick up points
  • Loading capacity
  • Priaznivý pre automatizáciu
  • Corner bumpers SASI
  • Label areas
  • Double tread base/noise reduction

Špecifikácia produktu

Katalógové číslo 7810040
Hmotnosť 3.45 kg
Vonkajšia max. dĺžka 650 mm
Vonkajšia max. šírka 450 mm
Vonkajšia max. výška 320 mm
Vnútorná min. dĺžka 617 mm
Vnútorná min. šírka 417 mm
Individuálna nosnosť 35 kg
Výška v stohu 302 mm
Využiteľný objem 73.4 L
Rozsah prevádzkovej teploty -10 °C - 40 °C

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