Schoeller Allibert’s Purity Line, protecting food and pharmaceutical supply chains with antibacterial technology

Schoeller Allibert’s Purity Line has been developed after seeing a growing awareness of the importance of Health & Safety in the market, together with a willingness to invest in products that protect their contents from bacterial growth. To cope with this new and increased demand, Schoeller Allibert has developed Purity Line, a range of products made from antibacterial materials that inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds in every step of the supply chain.


Disrupting bacterial growth

Purity Line is proven to prevent bacteria from proliferating on plastic surfaces. The Purity material within the plastic migrates to the surface of the container and disrupts bacterial growth by interfering with enzyme production. This stops the bacteria producing energy, and at the same time, disrupts the cell’s DNA, preventing the bacteria from replicating.  

Schoeller Allibert’s Purity Line range of food safe and pharmaceutical containers provide permanent protection against E. Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus, the most common bacteria found in food environments.  


Growing interest in the food industry

We are already seeing considerable interest in these products throughout the food industry, and are working with clients within the UK and elsewhere to trial assets such as the Combo Excelsior Purity Line. We are confident that these trials will demonstrate the product’s ability not only to protect the client’s valuable products against harmful bacterial growths but will also help them to optimize their supply chains.


All containers in Schoeller Allibert’s Purity Line range are tested according to the ISO 22196 standard.

                                      JumboNest®                                                            Combo Excelsior®


The Purity Line material benefits:

  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria(*) up to 99.99%
  • Food Safe
  • Fully recyclable
  • PP & HDPE compatible
  • Can be washed at temperatures up to 80°C
  • Compliant with BPR, FDA, EPA legislation


*Schoeller Allibert’s Purity Line is proven to provide total protection against the E. Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria. Should you require protection against other common bacteria, please contact us by visiting our website: and we can evaluate and test your requirement.

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