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The modern distribution centre is becoming increasingly automated and digitalised, also known as Industry 4.0. Transforming to more digitalisation in the warehouse leads to fewer human interactions and greater levels of automated storage and robotised order picking. In response to these changing market dynamics, Schoeller Allibert has developed multiple ‘silent’ strong reusable totes, which have been specially designed for the automated warehouses of today and the future. These ranges of standard automation totes and slave trays are all perfectly suited for highly automated intralogistics environments.

Thomas Schleisick, Director Global KAM System Integrators at Schoeller Allibert, commented:

“Constantly changing market situations, such as globalisation, or the ordering behaviour of customers and their requirements mean that logisticians are facing new challenges. Highly automated storage systems and processes, both inbound and outbound, require innovative “out of the box” thinking.

We offer a broad portfolio of “out of the box” solutions that set the benchmark for efficient, flexible, and robust system integration. Nevertheless, we also think about the future and we are already developing a tailor-made load carrier with and for our customers to face the logistical challenges of today and tomorrow.

In the System Integrator market, sustainability is also of great importance just like within the culture of the Schoeller Allibert Group. We see ourselves as a partner in finding future-proof solutions to optimise the supply chain of our (future) customers and partners.”

Meeting the growing demand of on-demand economy

Today's re-engineering of warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment operations is a direct response to the growing demand from the world's on-demand economy. With an evolving omnichannel landscape, increasing volumes, faster delivery demands, and a global labour shortage, industry leaders have responded by modernising their operations to keep pace. This modernisation requires further technological flexibility from Schoeller Allibert such as tracking technologies like RFID being added to our containers.

Accelerate e-commerce activities and speed up order fulfilment

Automation is now being applied across many different sectors and plays an increasingly significant role in modern logistics. It is no longer about large regional distribution centres; it is about retailers and end-users wanting to accelerate their e-commerce activities and speed up their online order fulfilment, without compromising on sustainability. For these reasons, any container solutions must be flexible, adaptable, and robust.

Designed & customisable for System Integration and warehouse automation

Schoeller Allibert’s new system integrator standard containers are designed to put efficiency and sustainability at the heart of operations. Ultimately, these containers enable end-users to future-proof their businesses.

The widely customisable range is suitable for all types of conveyor belts, mini-load, shuttle, and multi-shuttle systems. Integrated pick-up points and impact-resistant corners ensure high manoeuvrability and on-going performance on conveyors. Handles can either be closed or opened depending on manual operating requirements.

For these crates, all common dimensions for customer-specific storage requirements are available in our product range. In addition to our automated and conveyor-friendly containers Schoeller Allibert also has a wide range of plastic pallets for automatic warehouse application.

Highlighted products for System Integrators:

SASI®-Range, our star products:

  • Wider noise reduction base – lowers noise with 3DB compared to a traditional base*
  • Integrated pick-up points, divider slots
  • Meets fire safety requirements in line with FM Global Regulations
  • Corner bumpers provide strength and smooth direction changes
  • Usable in longitudinal and lateral direction
  • Sustainable material – made of recycled material (Circuline)
  • Customisation / In-mould Labeling


(*) tested by an external office following the guidelines of ISO 11202:2010; 3 dB doubles the acoustic noise level and is perceived as substantially louder

Read more about our SASI®-Range >

EuroSim® Tote, our hidden gem

  • Versatile, lightweight crate to be used in the whole supply chain, from harvesting produce to serving the customer
  • Traceability – In mould label barcodes on all 4 sides
  • Integrated corner bumpers to withstand the impact of automated handling
  • Drainage holes and ventilated walls
  • Special recesses for robot grippers
  • Reinforced base ensures minimal base deflection

Read more about our EuroSim® tote >


Schoeller Allibert’s range of automation-friendly containers can all be tailored with the help of our project teams consisting of several specialists to precisely meet the needs of individual clients, allowing end-users to future-proof their business, whichever sector they operate in. Our expertise (in good products) is based on a proven track record and extensive know-how in this business. This expertise and experience are also applied by our highly skilled professionals in our corporate test centre located in Hardenberg, Netherlands. The main activities of this test centre include testing before release and tests as part of the development process of product innovations.

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