New large containers well received


Keen interest in our innovations at FachPack 2018


We recently presented a selection of our range at FachPack 2018. Our new containers, including the Combo Excelsior, Magnum Optimum Hopper and Magnum Optimum 1208, which was exhibited for the first time, met with a positive response.

Europe’s leading exhibition for packaging technology continued its steady growth and marked a significant advance for floorspace, number of exhibitors and visitors. In twelve exhibition halls, more than 1,600 exhibitors from all over Europe displayed their products relating to the packaging process chain. Around 45,000 visitors used the opportunity to take a look at new products and trends in the packaging industry. The focus of this year’s FachPack was digitalization, e-commerce, packaging design and sustainability.

New and innovative ideas hit home

Our new products, Magnum Optimum 1208, Magnum Optimum Hopper and the Combo Excelsior, met with a very positive response from the visitors. Particularly the Magnum Optimum 1208, which was premiered at FachPack and rounds off our Magnum Optimum family. The new foldable large container attracted numerous trade journalists at a press event, and was considered by the enthusiastic exhibition visitors to be an interesting alternative to the skeleton box. The main attraction of the new family member is that, uniquely, it is based on a pallet base with Euro pallet dimensions and enables a greater payload compared with conventional solutions thanks to a larger volume and lower unladen weight. The 1208 also has the proven features of its product family – it is robust, lightweight and can be folded to one-third of its volume when empty.

The recently introduced Magnum Optimum Hopper was also well received by the public. The foldable large container has a closing base opening and is therefore ideally suited for the controlled discharge of small parts in large quantities.

A further highlight in our booth was the Combo Excelsior, the latest representative of the Combo range. The Intermediate Bulk Container with a capacity of 1,000 liters was specially designed for transporting liquids or liquid food over long distances and to discharge its load at its destination quickly and in a controlled manner through its large bottom valve.

Satisfactory outcome

In our exhibition booth we met with many industry experts, made important contacts and impressed visitors with our products.

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