You do the harvest – we’ll provide the packaging

To farm is to look ahead. While the rest of us are dreaming of summer, farmers are already thinking about autumn, when harvest is due. Because farming success requires good planning, on and off the field. Schoeller Allibert agrees. That’s why we’ve put so much thought into our packaging solutions for agricultural logistics. Our range is so versatile and has so many advantages that even a short summary would take as long as… well: exactly as long as this article!

Produce must be kept fresh and handled delicately all through its supply chain, from harvest through auction, processing and storage, to point of sale. That’s a challenge Schoeller Allibert has accepted since 1970, when we started providing innovative and sustainable packaging for agriculture, horticulture and even viticulture.

High-quality packaging

The rigid pallet containers (RPCs) we’ve designed and refined throughout the decades are a high-quality form of transit packaging that prevents waste, ensures food safety, reduces environmental footprint and increases your profitability. How? Let us count the ways.

First off, Schoeller Allibert packaging is made from plastic. That’s a handful of advantages right there.

  • It’s easy to handle and clean. In other words: smooth surfaces, stackable designs. And: not subject to moisture retention, bacteria proliferation or contamination (as wooden crates are).
  • It’s strong and durable. The packaging retains its weight and dimensions in all weathers and circumstances. Whether the weather is wet or hot, our packaging won’t soften, wilt or crack.
  • It’s reusable and returnable. Which means it’s perfect for the harsh environments and high demands of the agricultural, horticultural and viticultural sector.
  • Our perforated crates are designed for maximum ventilation, to ensure optimised airflow, protect fresh produce in storage and extend shelf life.
  • It’s fully recyclable.

Our EFSA-approved recycling process turns used crates and containers into new food contact-approved packaging. Put simply, our solutions are sustainable, without compromising on performance.

Operational advantages

Our Rigid Pallet Containers, or RPCs, have many operational advantages as well:

  • They offer optimal protection. Your produce is 100% protected from the get-go. There is no need for additional plastic lining.
  • With rounded corners and unique features, they’re specifically designed to protect fresh produce from damage (in transit) and contamination (from dirt, insects or rodents).


Additionally, our wide range covers not just rigid pallet containers (RPCs) in various footprints, but also:

  • Stackable and stack/nest crates,
  • Foldable small and large containers (FSCs and FLCs),
  • Plastic pallets
  • Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

And if the variety of our standard products doesn’t quite fit with your needs, Schoeller Allibert is happy to custom-design a solution that suits you.

Variety and versatility

In fact, the variety and versatility of our product range for agricultural logistics deserves a closer look. Because of our decades-long experience with farmers of all sorts, and their wide-ranging logistical needs, we know that fit-for-purpose is not just a nice-to-have in this industry: it’s a must-have. And that’s what we deliver. Just a few examples are:

  • The Maximus® 1212 and 1210 are ideal for harvesting and cold-storing pome fruits (e.g. apples and pears) and vegetables (e.g. carrots and potatoes). Their base consists of four pockets, enveloping the fruit, thus preventing damage.
  • The Agrilog® range consists of shallow RPCs ideal for transporting soft fruit and vegetables, from the fields all the way to points of sale.
  • The Agriplus® range has a pyramidal-shaped base, reducing shocks and balancing out the distribution of the produce. An optional ventilation column enhances the freshness of moisture-sensitive produce (e.g. garlic or onions).
  • The larger Agrimax® harvest and storage bin is ideal for the U.S. market, suitable for (but not limited to) citrus, stone and pome fruits.
  • Our Prelog® Classic, XLXS® and Ortus FSCs for fruit and vegetable wholesalers, shippers and retailers are foldable, saving up to 80% space on the return journey.
  • Bi-colour stack/nest totes for collecting grapes, with a proven track record in many French vignerons, these are a must have for wine growers. Moreover, they are compatible with all automated systems from field to washing and processing. The ventilated models ensure freshness is preserved. Tare weight is constant, to reassure growers about their loads. The bicolour aspect enables operators to easily see which crates are being filled or emptied.
  • Combo Fructus® foldable IBC is the most hygienic logistics solution for fruit and vegetables on the market. Specially designed for the tomato paste and fruit juice markets, it has a high folding ratio and a capacity of up to 1,300 litres.

Potatoes to champagne

We could go on, and talk about packaging that works great for distributing and displaying potatoes, onions, pumpkins and lettuce. Or the range that is perfect for harvesting the grapes that will turn into wine… or champagne.

Or boast about how our assets are very simple to handle, fully compatible with automated processing, offer track and trace options, reduce your logistics cost by improving your supply chain efficiency…

But you get the idea. Schoeller Allibert knows which kind of logistics solutions farmers need. And when they need to start to think about them. (Which is now!) That’s why we can confidently say: you do the harvest – we’ll provide the packaging.

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