SmartLink®: the solution for logistics inefficiency at the click of a button!

Persistent, recurrent inefficiency is the logistics nightmare you can’t wake up from. But what if there were a solution after all? We at Schoeller Allibert are convinced there is. Why? Because we developed one!

It's called SmartLink®, and it makes checking your inventory as simple as flicking a switch or pushing a button. SmartLink® lives in the IoT ecosystem. ‘IoT’ stands for ‘Internet of Things’. It’s about connecting not just computers, but also everyday objects to the internet. Including your logistical assets.

The reason is as simple as the technology is complex: so you can track and trace your assets, so you know where they are. And even better: SmartLink® allows you to assess their status: who’s handling them? What’s inside? Are they moving?

In short, managing your crates, boxes and other logistical assets used to be a manual, time-consuming and inevitably imperfect task – especially if those assets number in the hundreds or thousands.

With SmartLink® that process is not only automated and perfected; the automation itself opens up new possibilities to manage your processes in new and better ways. Ways that will increase efficiency, reduce cost!

Tune in here in the next article for a deep-dive into the advantages of SmartLink® for your operations.

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