Magnum Optishute®: the caps & closures dispenser that’s sustainable and easy to use

There are many reasons why Magnum Optishute® is the best-in-class bulk dispenser for the caps & closures industry. It is 100% reusable, repairable and recyclable – in a word: sustainable. It is stackable, foldable and ergonomical – in short: easy to use. And there is more.

Optishute® is created by Schoeller Allibert, Europe’s leading logistics innovator. As a bulk dispenser moulded from polypropylene (PP), it is entirely reusable, repairable and recyclable. Secure, robust and water-resistant, Optishute® is also resistant to temperature extremes, from -20°C to +40°C.

Versatile dispensing

It was designed not only to be durable, but also practical and versatile. Its dispenser door is translucent, allowing for content visibility. The vari-flow (four-position) door ensures fully-regulated operational control. And its tamper-evident ties prevent contamination. Unlike the Hopper family, the dispensing opening is on a short side, making it fully compatible with tilting machines in beverage industry.

For these reasons, Optishute® is the ultimate choice for a range of industries, from food and beverage to manufacturing and pooling, with a particular apt application as caps & closure dispenser.

Multi-way vs. one-way

Optishute® is also easy to clean, and it is the only bulk dispenser suitable for food use without needing additional liners. Because it is a multi-way solution, Optishute® is much more sustainable than its one-way cardboard alternatives.

Designed to maximise space and minimise logistics cost, when folded (or empty) Optishute® is stackable up to eight units high. It is foldable, and can be assembled by a single operator in just 7 seconds.

Ready for IoT and RFID

Its sides are smooth and snag-free, reducing accident risk. With designated label space on each side, Optishute® accommodates easy identification. Thanks to the native Smartlink® integration, the dispenser is also IoT-  and RFID-ready. Real-time track and trace will help reduce both cost and emissions.

Last but not least, the standard-sized panels, designed using Schoeller Allibert’s exclusive Bayonet® interlocking system, are fully repairable, reducing long-term maintenance cost. At the end of its life, the dispenser is fully recyclable. Optishute®: cost-saving, easy to use, and a great addition to the circular economy.


  • 1250 kg static stack load
  • 250 kg unit load
  • 846 litres storage capacity
  • 440 x 190 mm flat base allows for wide opening
  • 100% controllable dispensing speed
  • Stackable 8 high in standard truck (130 folded units in 1 truck)
  • Minimum 10-year lifespan, then 100% recyclable


For a video introduction to the Magnum Optimum Optishute® click here.

For more information about Magnum Optimum Optishute® and other innovative logistics solutions, click here.

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