Beverage market introduction

Market-leading returnable packaging systems for the beverage market

Schoeller Allibert offers an innovative range of returnable crates that make the storage, handling and transporting of beverages easy and efficient. Crates for beer, soft drinks and mineral water are expertly designed to protect the contents within, while also offering distinct branding opportunities to create strong shelf standout when displayed in-store. Schoeller Allibert is behind many of the major developments in beverage crates innovation, including slat handles, air-moulding, display or separable solutions.

Our team can advise and offer knowledge on the most suitable solution to meet customer requirements. Incorporating both standard and bespoke solutions, the Schoeller Allibert portfolio of beverage packaging solutions are ergonomically designed and visually appealing to create a positive user experience along the supply chain. Crates can be customized with high quality, eye-catching graphics to maximize brand awareness and drive engagement at the point-of-sale. To support customers’ sustainability ambitions and circular economy principles, our beverage crates are fully recyclable and returnable. Our plastic crates are robust and durable, built to last more than 10 years. At the end of their service life, we collect, recycle and re-use the majority of our beverage crates.

Enhance beverage logistics with a range of complementary solutions

In addition to beverage crates, Schoeller Allibert manufactures and supplies a range of storage containers and Foldable IBCs in a range of sizes for beverage products and liquid ingredients. We also offer a choice of plastic pallets and bottle carriers to facilitate the transportation of beverages throughout the supply chain. Whether shipping large or small volumes of liquid, Schoeller Allibert’s range of products will enhance handling and logistics operations. Our complementary transit packaging solutions for the beverage market are specially designed to reduce distribution costs, material and energy use.

Beverage Crates

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Pallets 1210 Medium

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Rigid Pallet Containers 1200x1000 - 8450 BOB

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Pallets 1208 Rackpal

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Pallets 1210 Bayopal

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Pallets Robusto

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Roto Moulding Cylindrical Bin

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Intermediate Bulk Containers Combo Life 65

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Rigid Pallet Containers 1200x1000 MaxiLog

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Intermediate Bulk Containers Combo Life 285

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Rigid Pallet Containers 1200x800 Big Box 4403 Classic

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Foldable Large Containers Magnum Optimum Hopper

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Rigid Pallet Containers 1200x1000 Maxagri

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Beverage Beer Crates

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Pallets 0806 Heavy

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Pallets 1208 Heavy

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Pallets 1311 Heavy

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Pallets 0604 Display

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Roto Moulding Retention pallets

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Beverage UBC

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Latest News
Making plastic packaging too good to waste
–Ludo Gielen - CEO

In a world that depends upon logistics and transport, all shipped in packaging materials, we need to reduce the environmental stress caused by packaging waste. At Schoeller Allibert, we believe RTP (returnable plastic packaging) systems are the answer. We are at the forefront of this revolutionary development.

In Practice:

  • We produce 100% recyclable packaging. We can also make food contact recycled products thanks to the EFSA positive opinion.
  • We design our products in order to optimise their lifespan ( up to 10 years in industrial conditions).
  • Our production processes contribute to CO2 reduction.
  • Using our products guarantees safe transport of your goods (UN homologation) by road, rail, and air.

Recycle your packaging

Schoeller Allibert offers its clients recycling knowledge and services. We offer full support and can take care of collecting, recycling and re-using returnable packaging materials that are ready for replacement. The products that are recycled at our facilities can even be safely used as food packaging.For this purpose, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) provided scientific advice and approval to our recycling process installed on three of our sites in the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain.

Schoeller Allibert pillars

Iso Certified

Schoeller Allibert is proud to be an ISO certified company, most of our sites conforming to:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality ISO 14001:2015 Environment ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety ISO 50001:2011 Energy

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