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Following your initial investment, you will own the reusable packaging asset and use it as you wish. 

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SmartLink® is also available if you choose to buy rather than rent our products, allowing you to keep sight of your assets at all times. If you would like to have more information, please ask us about this option.


When you choose to buy one of our products from us, we are of course also happy to offer you the chance to customise your reusable containers. Please ask your sales representative for further details. 

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Would you like to get to know our products better? Schoeller Allibert offers you a wide range of products with which you can purchase high-quality, clean, ready-to-use and reusable plastic containers, either standard or customised.

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Our mission is to ensure that our customers are market leaders - and remain so. We achieve this by always offering the most innovative products and services, and by incorporating the cutting edge technologies such as SmartLink, ESD, detectable material, etc. 

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