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2021-10-29Financial Statements Q3 2021 Download
2021-10-29Investor Presentation Q3 2021Download
2021-07-29Financial Statements Q2 2021Download
2021-07-29Investor Presentation Q2 2021Download
2021-05-12Financial Statements Q1 2021Download
2021-05-12Investor Presentation Q1 2021Download
2021-04-19Annual Financial Report 2020 Download
2021-04-19Investor Presentation Q4 2020Download
2020-11-12Financial Statements Q3 2020Download
2020-11-12Investor Presentation Q3 2020Download
2020-07-31Financial Statements Q2 2020Download
2020-07-31Investor Presentation Q2 2020Download
2020-05-14Financial Statements Q1 2020Download
2020-05-14Investor Presentation Q1 2020Download
2020-04-16Annual Financial Report 2019Download
2020-04-16Investor Presentation Q4 2019Download
2020-01-29News Release - CFO announcement Hans KerkhovenDownload
2020-01-09News Release - CFO announcementDownload
2019-11-26Schoeller packaging b.v. investor presentation Q3 2019Download
2019-11-26Schoeller packaging b.v. Q3 2019Download
2019-10-14Schoeller Allibert launches €250 million of Senior Secured Notes due 2024Download
2019-10-14Notice of conditional full redemptionDownload
2019-08-20Schoeller Allibert Group B.V. Q2 2019Download
2019-08-20Investor presentation Q2 2019Download
2019-06-04Schoeller Allibert Group B.V. - News Release Swedish Tax Court CaseDownload
2019-05-13Schoeller Allibert Group B.V. Q1 2019Download
2019-05-13Investor presentation Q1 2019Download
2019-04-04Financial Statements FY 2018Download
2019-04-04Investor presentation Q4 2018Download
2018-11-06Schoeller Allibert Group Q3 2018Download
2018-11-06Investor presentation Q3 2018Download
2018-10-17CEO Appointment AnnouncementDownload
2018-08-16Schoeller Allibert Group Q2 2018Download
2018-08-16Investor presentation Q2 2018Download
2018-07-18Change in auditorsDownload
2018-06-19Results of Change of Control Tender OfferDownload
2018-06-13CEO Press releaseDownload
2018-06-13Extension of CoC OfferDownload
2018-05-16Change of Control press releaseDownload
2018-05-15Brookfield Business Partners completes acquisition of controlling interest in Schoeller Allibert in partnership with Schoeller GroupDownload
2018-05-08Consolidated Financial Statements Schoeller Allibert Group Q1 2018Download
2018-05-08Investor presentation Q1 2018Download
2018-03-26Investor Presentation Q4 2017Download
2018-03-26Financial Statements FY 2017Download
2018-01-05Brookfield Business Partners to acquire controlling interest in Schoeller Allibert in partnership with Schoeller GroupDownload
2017-11-06Financial Statements Q3 2017Download
2017-11-06Investor Presentation Q3 2017Download
2017-08-15Financial Statements Q2 2017Download
2017-08-15Investor Presentation Q2 2017Download
2017-06-16Schoeller Allibert Group B.V. - News Release Swedish Tax Court CaseDownload
2017-05-30News Release Schoeller Allibert Group B.V. - Settlement of customer disputeDownload
2017-05-08Financial Statements Q1 2017Download
2017-05-08Investor Presentation Q1 2017 Download
2016-03-30Financial Statements FY 2016Download
2016-03-30Investor Presentation FY 2016Download
2016-03-30News Release FY 2016Download
2016-11-28Financial Statements Q3 2016Download
2016-11-28Investor Presentation Q3 2016Download
2016-11-28News Release Q3 2016Download
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