9772001 - Locator Board 1200x1000x75 - 4x22 gal

9772001 - Locator Board 1200x1000x75 - 4x22 gal

Locator Boards are now a common handling system within the Brewing and Distribution industry. They provide a cost-effective alternative to flat and yoke pallets and offer the operator cost savings in transport and warehousing. Savings are produced by removing most of the' dead weight' from the vehicle payload, and by reducing the warehouse space needed for stacking. Operator health and safety at work is also enhanced by reducing the manual effort necessary to move the pallet media. The design of locator boards has been improved over the years and board sizes have been rationalised. Locator boards are placed on top of the containers being handled, and not on the bottom. The containers are grouped in 4's or 6's, depending on size, and are handled by a beer clamp attachment fitted to lift trucks.

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Cod produs 9772001
Lungime exterioara maxima (L) 1200 mm
Latime exterioara maxima (l) 1000 mm
Inaltime exterioara maxima (h) 75 mm
Greutate neta (kg) 6.35 kg

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