Soft drink crates

Our crates for beer, soft drinks and other beverages ensure efficient storage and practical transportation for your products. Selecting a beverage crate is an important decision that involves taking into account various parameters. We deliver what suits you best Thanks to our extensive expertise and wide range of products, we will find a suitable beverage crate for your brand. Our know-how and long-standing design and system expertise allow us to develop individual and customised solutions. We will be pleased to assist you.

Universal Soft Drink Crate

The USC universal mineral water crate is a brand new display crate for Germany. 12 bottles fit in the minimalistic crate which are always nice positioned due to anti-slip marks for preventing their rotation. The high performance crate is developed to be stacked 4 layers/pallet and 4 pallets high.


3292_001_20110901_01_jpgThe 12 x 0.75 litre Adelholzener bottle crate was developed for the premium brand in a highly competitive market. The modern customised design is a combination of the colours blue and grey. The mountain design shown, which is part of the Adelholzener logo, has been reused for the bottle crate. The large viewing windows on the sides offer a view inside the crate, thus supporting the double "brand effect".


The Gerolsteiner full display crate in size 12 x 0.5 litres offers a customised crate for the brand. It deliberately offers a view of the contents of the crate. The ergonomic grip in the middle makes carrying comfortable and encourages impulse buying.

Coca Cola

3129_001_20070830_01_low_jpgThe Coca Cola 12 x 0.5 litre crate for PET bottles is for lightweight and smaller sized bottles. The display crate, conceived for one and two-person households, is smaller, measuring 400 x 200 mm, and is therefore lighter. The ergonomically shaped centre grip allows the crate to be comfortably carried.

3129_001_20060619_01_jpgThe display crate can contain 12 x 1 litre bottles of Coca Cola. The large cut-outs on the sides allow full view of the highly popular beverage. Together with the bottle, the sturdy crate, in the basic size 300 x 400 mm, supports Coca Cola's brand presence thanks to its colour, shape and the applied logos. The bottle and crate therefore become an "inseparable" item.

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