Universal Beer Crate

UBCUniversal beer crate a new versatile range specially developed for the Benelux standard beer bottles APO 33cl, 25cl and Steini. Design can be chosen between a closed crate with a large inmould label for maximum brand awareness or open sides for maximized visibility of your bottles. The crates are fully made out of recycled material. 


This is the most innovative crate of the decade, developed for one of German’s largest private breweries, Warsteiner. It’s a crate which underlines the premium character of the brand, reflecting the current brand values & designed to stand out from the crowd. To achieve this Schoeller Allibert worked with the newest innovation techniques: a golden In-Mould Label (IML), a debossing of the Warsteiner logo and a golden pigment in the crate. The sum of it result in very luxurious crate, making it more than just a transport solution.


Krombacher crateOur crates for beer, soft drinks and other beverages ensure efficient storage and practical transportation for your products. Selecting a beverage crate is an important decision that involves taking into account various parameters. We deliver what suits you best Thanks to our extensive expertise and wide range of products, we will find a suitable beverage crate for your brand. Our know-how and long-standing design and system expertise allow us to develop individual and customised solutions. We will be pleased to assist you.


20121019_Leffe-Tilo_kleinThe bottle crate for cardboard containers of all sizes offers total flexibility. The 24 x 0.33 litre crate can contain 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 bottle packs. This variable operational option is achieved thanks to a double bottom system. The movable timber-framed insert is mounted on two anti-rust steel springs and pushed down during packaging. After removing the last container, the double bottom moves up to a medium height. In this position, empty containers can be collected.

Radeberger 2 K

011634_RadebergerKasten24The two-colour design of the Radeberger bottle crate is very unique. The exterior is in black. The inside, instead, is in striking red. This top quality design stands out for its elegance, thus highlighting the premium beer and attracting the attention of customers.


The special feature of Beck's beer crates lies in the in-mould labels, which create a realistic 3D effect for the viewer. This design feature is achieved through shading correction. In addition to the special "look", the "feel" of the crate was also important. The soft-touch grips offer comfortable carrying comfort.


3251_001_20060522_01_low_jpgFranziskaner bottle crates stand out with their striking in-mould label and 3D effect, which creates a plastic appearance. Carrying is made ergonomic and comfortable thanks to the soft-touch grips. The crate was developed in order to stand up to intense international competition.

Veltins 3K

3277_001_20080926_01_jpgThe 20 x 0.5 litre Veltins crate is characterised by a functional and eye-catching design. The linear design is unique thanks to its lavish two-colour relief design and large openings on the sides. The customer can instantly recognise the desired product not only from its custom-made bottle crate but also by looking into the crate.

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