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Image Of 9971004 - Euro Container 600x400x175 - Solid, CH

9971004 - Euro Container 600x400x175 - Solid, CH

The Euro container is a very sturdy stacking box from Schoeller Allibert that can be used in all industrial sectors.

Store your belongings efficiently with stackable bins from Schoeller Allibert. Our euro stacking containers are made of high-quality plastic and are particularly suitable for storing things in your warehouse or during transport. Offering a wide standard range: solid or ventilated, with open or closed handles, label holders, lids... our Euro stacking range encompasses a variety of versions to meet all industries needs for handling, storage and logistics.

The storage boxes have edges so that they are easily stacked and keep your products fresh and safe. The stackable bins from Schoeller Allibert are indispensable in every company. Seven footprints from 200 x 150 to 1000 x 400 and multiple height options, we are sure you will find the ideal crate for your own needs. Possible applications are warehouse and transport for:

  • food industry

  • Automotive Industry

  • retail trade

  • Automotive Industry

  • industrial production

  • craft

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  • Automation friendly
  • Easy identification
  • Ergonomic handgrips
  • Maximized internal volume
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% recyclable
  • Compatible with Euro Pallets

Product specifications

Product reference9971004
External max length (L)600 mm
External max width (W)400 mm
External max height (H)175 mm
Net weight (Kg)1.814 kg
Operational temperature range-10 °C - 40 °C
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