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Image Of 9475029 - Fish box 800x450x190 - Solid, base with drain holes

9475029 - Fish box 800x450x190 - Solid, base with drain holes

This solid bicolour Non-Euro Stack/Nest 180° with footprint 800x450 mm is specially designed to store fish. This large non-euro size container has an internal usable volume of 38L. Food-safe and able to load up to 25 kg and 250 kg when stacked. Reduce reverse logistics costs with its high nesting ratio of 71%. Ergonomical thanks to the 2 handles on the short side. 

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  • Designed for automated food industry processes and logistics
  • Bi-colour design
  • fish box - drain holes to get rid of excess water
  • Structured esign - optimised drainage of residual liquids
  • Ergonomic handgrips
  • RFID slot - easy tracability upon request
  • Easy to clean - smooth design
  • Nestable design - Reduce reverse logistics costs
  • Easy customisation
  • Food approved and suitable for cold areas

Product specifications

Product reference9475029
External max length (L)800 mm
External max width (W)450 mm
External max height (H)189 mm
Net weight (Kg)2.595 kg
Operational temperature range-30 °C - 30 °C
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