9759002 - Maxinest Plus Deep 600x400x253

9759002 - Maxinest Plus Deep 600x400x253

Maxinest® is an award-winning, proven leader in the retail market. Maxinest® With its high nesting ratio, the Maxinest® is designed to replace one-way transport packaging for food and grocery retail. Maxinest® is the only produce tray offering multi-height options enabling the same tray to be used for different applications. Our Maxinest® Plus series features a conveyor base allowing it to function perfectly with automated handling equipment. The textured surfaces on the walls allow easy removal of self adhesive labels. Print areas on both long sides allow Maxinest® to be customized.

Więcej szczegółów

Zalety produktu

  • Logistic savings
  • Stack- and nestable design
  • Easy customisation
  • Easy label removal
  • Uchwyt na etykietę
  • Interstackable
  • Nadający się do kontaktu z żywnością
  • Bale-arms to stack and nest
  • Maxinest Clip - Secure mixed stacking

Specyfikacja produktu

Numer referencyjny 9759002
Waga netto (kg) 2.012 kg
Zakres temperatur w miejscu pracy -10 °C - 50 °C

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