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Schoeller Allibert Corporate test center

Highly skilled professionals and unique equipment to guarantee product performance.

Located in Hardenberg, near the SA factory in Netherlands, our test center offers unique state of the art equipment to test all new products before launching and to simulate real industrial logistics and process applications offering our customers to try and test our products according to their specific environment and requirements...

Corporate Test Centre

Schoeller Allibert’s Corporate Test Centre is located at Bruchterweg 88 in Hardenberg which is in the same industrial area as the SA factory in the Netherlands. The Centre’s main activities include new product testing prior to release, benchmark testing of competitor products and tests as part of the development process of product innovations.

The Centre is also used by our customers; the market managers use the Test Centre for customer product workshops and we also offer customers the opportunity to use our test facilities to simulate their own application.

Test/product related experience and expertise

The Test Centre has two fulltime Test Engineers with many years testing experience on returnable plastic packaging to related test standards such as ISO. The Test Engineers are supported in their task by Schoeller Allibert’s team of product designers. Together they make the best simulation of field applications using reproducible and representative tests in a controlled environment. This is of key importance within the whole development process and beyond.

Test facilities

The Test Centre is equipped with:

- 5 climate chambers with temperature ranging from -30°C up to 150°C

- 10 large compression testers up to loads of 16 tonnes

- 9 smaller compression testers up to loads of 1 tonne

- 2 racking testers, for static racking and forklift tests

- 2 drop testers, up to 6 meters for bottle crates and 4 meters for large products (e.g. Big Boxes)

- Facility for bullet impact tests

- Inclined plane tester (1 tonne and 1 m²) for dynamic impact/forklift tests

- Slip angle test for pallets

- Push and pull unit to simulate wear

- Combo filling pump

- Quick compression tester

- Drop dummies for bottle crates

- Shaker tester





An essential activity of our innovation department is to monitor the performance of competing products. Schoeller Allibert benchmark teams, including project manager, product designer and test center engineer, perform comparative tests in the Test Centre. The outcome is used for development and sales purposes.

Customer Work Shops

Market Teams use the Test Centre also to facilitate Customer Workshops. The Workshops vary to suit the needs of the customers and salespeople. There is a training area for the theoretical part of the Workshop; there are showroom areas were SA products can be shown and compared to competitors’ products and of course, the Workshop always contains a practical element where “Live Benchmark Tests” are performed in the Test Centre itself.

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