Introducing SmartLink® by Schoeller Allibert, connecting assets for an intelligent network

Connect and monitor assets with SmartLink®, the latest innovation from Europe’s market leader in supply chain operations. SmartLink® uses LPWAN wireless technology to link individual containers and create a network of intelligent assets that can be managed and controlled via the secure cloud based SmartLink® platform.

Announcing the launch of SmartLink® Ludo Gielen, CEO of Schoeller Allibert said:

“SmartLink® is Schoeller Allibert’s revolutionary new logistics solution that enables users to make informed decisions based on asset tracking data. As the European market leader in supply chain operations, we are committed to improving outcomes in global logistics through innovative products that promote sustainability.”

End to end management from source to destination

SmartLink® provides complete and seamless resource management that promotes reliability and nurtures business to business relationships. With SmartLink®, users can oversee assets wherever they are, 24 hours a day via an efficient, low cost, long range LPWAN connection.

Discrete sensors embedded within the SmartLink® equipped product transmit data, enabling businesses to monitor temperature, content and battery levels amongst other metrics. SmartLink® also supports predefined geolocation tracking and geofencing, which creates a virtual boundary that generates an alert when containers enter or leave a specific area.

Simplify processes with informed decisions

SmartLink® traceability empowers operators to optimise their processes throughout their supply chain, giving them the power to proactively manage their asset fleet. Unique barcode IDs feed into the exclusive SmartLink® track and trace portal, providing flexible and convenient asset management in one place. This effectively catalogues inventory and helps to streamline costs – deterring theft and lowering their insurance risk profile. The data provided by SmartLink® can be accessed through a variety of reporting options which allow users to make informed decisions, factilitating better outcomes based on all of the known variables.

Smart control anywhere, anytime

Simple, secure, insightful, SmartLink® track and trace offers full EU coverage - with the rest of the world available on demand. The following products can be equipped with SmartLink® :

For a video introduction to SmartLink®:


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