Safe, strong and certified solutions for storing and transporting chemicals

Schoeller Allibert has been working to improve supply chain operations across all transport modes since 1968. Over that time, we have proved ourselves to be a market leader, an innovator and a committed partner that has developed a wide range of containers specifically for transporting or storing hazardous and liquid goods.

Our products are now the preferred solution for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors where there is a need to transport or store high value and hazardous products. Schoeller Allibert works closely with experts in the chemical industry, allowing us to fulfil our customers’ demand for innovative and sustainable solutions, that are fit for purpose now and in the future.

Our products for transporting and storing chemicals are 100% plastic. They are exceptionally strong, totally resistant to corrosion and offer a high level of safety and ergonomic design. They are also very durable, with long service life. As a result, they can be regarded as being plastic fortresses! Our containers made specifically for the chemicals sector can be used for storing or transporting all types of liquids, including corrosives, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

They all meet the everyday requirements for ease of use and safety, whilst also offering significant costs savings thanks to their ability to be intensively reused. Their careful design, solid construction from high-quality materials and robustness provide the highest levels of safety for operators, facilities, contents and the environment. Schoeller Allibert’s solutions are cost-effective, robust and can be intensively reused.

As a result, they offer significantly better value for money than ‘one-way’ containers which are designed only for single use.

Chemiflow: The UN Approved, 100% plastic 1200x1000mm intermediate bulk container (IBC)

Our new Chemiflow® is versatile, leak-proof and resistant to corrosion. Chemiflow® is the latest sustainable bulk container solution from Schoeller Allibert. Resilient, recyclable and fully safety compliant, Chemiflow® is a UN certified, 100% plastic, 1000L IBC with a 1200 x 1000mm footprint that is approved to transport hazardous materials. Manufactured to withstand temperature extremes from -18°C up to +40°C, Chemiflow® is the number one choice for the chemical industry. With a capacity of up to 1000L, and made from highly resistant plastic, Chemiflow® is also compliant with ADR, RID and IMDG regulations, enabling seamless international bulk transport and shipping.

Chemiflow® can also be fully equipped with RFID and Smartlink® technologies, giving you total visibility of your asset fleet. These technologies allow you to accurately track and trace your shipments in real-time, providing a range of data including location, temperature and liquid levels, helping to ensure on time and in full delivery every single time. Equipping Chemiflow ® with smart technologies helps to promote sustainability and shape best practices by identifying efficient transport route and increasing the overall efficiency of your supply chain all while reducing asset losses.

The standard foldable intermediate bulk container (IBC) for external logistics

Plastic folding IBCs are perfect for transporting liquids. IBCs allow you to transport and store your product safely and hygienically, and in comparison with the traditional alternatives, can considerably reduce your costs and minimize your space requirements. These benefits mean that there is no better alternative for transporting liquids than a plastic folding IBC.

Schoeller Allibert’s Combo Excelsior® Hybrid is safe, hygienic and efficient for use in the food processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Its double-wall construction makes it very strong and durable, while the T-shaped locking system maximizes safety and allows it to withstand any forces or shocks generated during transport. Using a minimal number of parts, the Combo Excelsior Hybrid ® is suitable for use in all harsh industrial environments and can withstand being stored outside for long periods. The design of the bottom discharge zone has been improved, which makes fitting the liner easier and faster, while the integrated dust cover ensures maximum hygiene levels during logistics and handling. In addition, all components can be replaced and recycled, helping to maximise the life span of the container. Operators can easily remove the valve when the liner is empty thanks to the patented Releasy® mechanism.

Spill Control Systems

In addition to our range of containers and IBCs, Schoeller Allibert offers several spill control systems for use during both transport and storage, providing additional safety and protection for users and the environment. Schoeller Allibert has a complete range of mobile 100% PE corrosion-resistant spill control systems for acids, bases and solvents, offering long-term maintenance-free use. Inexpensive, mobile, versatile and easy to clean, our spill control systems offer high levels of safety, protecting both the environment and personnel. Whether your product is liquid, solid or pastes, harmless or extremely hazardous, Schoeller Allibert’s range of transport containers and accessories are suitable for any situation.

Meeting the demand for robust pails (ROPAC®)

ROPAC® (part of the Schoeller Allibert Group) offers a range of high-performance pails offering optimal protection for transporting dangerous or valuable solid and liquid goods under the most extreme conditions. With a wide range of UN certifications for groups I, II & III and for all types of transport, Ropac® packaging can meet the technical challenges provided by today’s logistics environments. These advantages help to make the Ropac® ‘Prime’ series the optimal solution that is compliant with the new regulations for the transport of paints & varnishes which came into force in March 2021.

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The transport of hazardous materials is governed by extremely strict regulations which define the type of containers, their chemical compatibilities, their characteristics, their appearances, their certifications and the quality assurance programme. Schoeller Allibert’s containers are certified for transport by road (ADR), rail (RID) and sea (IMDG) for the majority of chemical products present on the market. The technical and sales teams at Schoeller Allibert can offer you advice at all times regarding the transport of your specific products.

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