Introducing Optishute®, the ultimate bulk dispenser

Created by Europe’s leading logistics innovators, Optishute® is the only 100% repairable and 100% recyclable plastic bulk dispenser. Resistant to temperature extremes, from -20°c to 40°c, Optishute® is durable, practical and versatile. With its vari-flow sliding dispenser door, Optishute® is the ultimate choice for a range of industries such as food and beverage, manufacturing and pooling.

Announcing the launch of Optishute® CEO of Schoeller Allibert, Ludo Gielen says:

“At Schoeller Allibert, continuous innovation is at the heart of what we do and we’re proud to present Optishute® as a demonstration of that commitment. As Europe’s leading logistic solutions provider, we strive to fulfil our vision of creating a fully sustainable supply chain operations network across the continent and the world.”

Designed for versatile dispensing

Capable of containing up to 846L, moulded from polypropylene and easy to clean, Optishute® is the only bulk dispenser suitable for food use without the need for additional liners.

The Optishute® translucent, four position sliding door allows for content visibility and ensures a fully regulated flow for complete operational control while its tamper evident ties prevent contamination and impurities. Secure, robust and water resistant, Optishute® is suitable for racking and can also be stored externally.

Built to maximise space and minimise reverse logistics costs, Optishute® is foldable and stackable up to eight units high while a reinforced base enables this versatile, best in class dispenser to hold 250kg in weight. Smooth, snag-free sides allow for single operator assembly in just 10 seconds while an earthing bar safeguards against electro-static discharge for the greatest user protection. 

Built for operational excellence

Designed with standard sized panels and using Schoeller Allibert’s exclusive Bayonet® interlocking system, Optishute® is fully repairable lowering long-term maintenance costs. Completely recyclable after its minimum 10-year lifespan, Optishute® embodies the latest innovation within the circular economy.

With designated space for labels on each side, Optishute® accommodates easy identification. Plus, prepared for the future of logistics, Optishute® is Internet of Things (IoT) compatible. Ability to track and trace deliveries in real-time provides total visibility and highlights transportation pinch points promoting future best practice – helping save on fuel costs and cutting polluting CO2 emissions.

Configured for endurance

Optishute® is the newest addition to the Magnum Optimum range. Created with versatility at its core, Optishute® pushes the boundaries to maximise efficiency, storage and longevity making this the number one choice in bulk dispensers.

Technical details include:

  • External measurements: 1200mm x 1010mm x 995mm

  • Internal measurements: 1140mm x 940mm x 790mm

  • Weight: 51kg

  • Capacity: 846L

  • Unit load: 250kg

  • Static stacked load: 1250kg

  • Folding ratio: 65%

  • Folding height: 345mm

  • Temperature range: -20°c to 40°c

  • Body configuration: 2 runners, 2 feet, 1 drop door, 1 chute door. Lid included.

For a video introduction to the Magnum Optimum Optishute®:

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