SASI® 4.0, an exciting year’s end gift for the logistics industry

Year’s end is shopping season, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday (this year on 25 and 28 November) and of course Christmas as annual highlights. Consumers want what’s new and exciting, and it’s the job of the logistics industries to deliver it. But this year, Schoeller Allibert has an exciting gift for warehouse operators too: SASI® 4.0 – a brand-new family of system integrator totes, designed for the success of your automated future. 

Like any living tradition, year-end shopping marries repetition with innovation. Undoubtedly the biggest innovation these last few years is the rise of e-commerce – a phenomenon that is all about customer convenience and choice. Online shopping has only accelerated since the pandemic. Here are a few stats to illustrate its phenomenal growth:

  • Worldwide e-commerce sales reached $4.9 trillion in 2021. That’s up from just $1.3 trillion in 2014. The projection for 2024 is $6.7 trillion.
  • Over a quarter of the global population (2.14 billion, to be exact) made at least one online purchase in 2021.
  • 76% of American consumers and 74% of Europeans shop online. The figure is higher than 90% in some markets (Denmark, the Netherlands). 

E-commerce is transforming not just how consumers buy things, but also how the logistics industry delivers it to them. The growing volume of online retail is creating a rising number of individual packages that need to be assembled and expedited at great speed, with great precision, and in great volumes. 

The only way warehouses and fulfillment centres can handle this is by thorough, advanced automatization of their logistical processes. And that means more than just advanced robotics. You also need the future-proof, automation-ready containers to match. Enter SASI® 4.0, designed by Schoeller Allibert – the global leader in smart, sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. 

SASI® 4.0 is a high-performance range of returnable transit packaging that is hot off the presses – launched just this September. Its name refers to 4.0 technology, which embraces hyperconnectivity as the way to achieve unparalleled levels of transparency and efficiency.

The SASI® 4.0 family is a versatile range, consisting of trays and crates in different heights, with a footprint of either 650x450 mm or 600x400 mm. So, why exactly is this an ideal solution for future-oriented warehouse logistics? Well, let us count the ways:

Load capacity

  • Up to 50 kg

Welded base

  • The large, flat area of the welded base plate ensures stability and smooth roller transfer.
  • Sound skirts added to the outside of the welded base plate reduce impact and noise on conveyor belts.

Conveyor protection

  • Full bumper and wrap-around corners on all sides provides optimized guiding on conveyor belts.

Improved design

  • Straight sides provide maximized internal volume
  • Drainage holes compliant with FM Global regulations
  • Improved divider design (up to 8 compartments) has longer, narrower grooves (for easier handling), and provides more divider locations (for easier fitting and better stability)
  • A leakage reservoir (0.75 l) has been added, to reduce the risk of contamination both inside the system and onto goods below. 

In Mold Labelling (IML) locations

  • Maximum four IML labels are possible per tote, with three potential IML locations on each side (so, 12 in total). 

Customization options

  • Handles are standard closed. Open handles are available on request
  • Walls are standard solid. Perforated walls are available on request
  • Additional horizontal bumper ribbing is available on request

And there’s more! 

The SASI® 4.0 range is one of the strongest and lightest designs currently on the market. It is compatible with AGV systems and modern shuttle systems, making it eminently automation-friendly. The versions with the larger footprint easily hold a standard 600x400 mm cardboard box. With a base deflection of no more than 5 mm, it guarantees stable loads. Its vertical lifting pockets allow for palletizing and lifting from the top. 

And last but certainly not least, it is a sustainable product: made from recycled polypropylene, and 100% recyclable after a long service life. Each tote is imprinted with a slogan that serves as an apt reminder of the Schoeller Allibert philosophy: “Making plastic packaging too good to waste”.

That’s just one example of how central sustainability is to Schoeller Allibert. Here are two more of our solutions that are extremely relevant to making delivery logistics more sustainable. Both are cardboard-free, space-saving solutions that come with security seals.

  • Kaiman® is a rigid, nestable container with an integrated hinged lid. It can be opened on two sides.
  • The Prelog® Clever Move Box (CMB) is a foldable small container that’s strong, stable and stackable – an excellent packaging alternative for valuable non-foods. 


What does all that add up to? In short, to this: the SASI® 4.0 family of trays and crates is your ideal partner for automated warehousing, with Kaiman® and Prelog® as valuable and versatile additions. 

If you’re working with system integrators that provide logistics support for e-commerce (but also traditional retail), these solutions are the answer to the operational issues of today, and tomorrow. 

This end-of-year season, why not give your automated warehousing operations a gift that keeps on giving, in terms of transparency, efficiency and sustainability. Want to know more about SASI® 4.0 and our other solutions? Then contact Schoeller Allibert:

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