Schoeller Allibert : the market leader in beverage returnable systems

Beverage crates that stand out from the crowd : In the competitive and increasingly consolidated beer, mineral water and soft-drinks market, building strong brands is a key to success. Communicating your brand on point of sale packaging is crucial to maximizing your marketing efforts. Schoeller Allibert as the market leader in beverage returnable systems has the right tailored solution for you. We offer added value for your product in terms of logistics, the point of sale promotional presence and for your customer. Our latest gold beer crate or the vintage wood effect versions have created a strong impact on store shelves. Whether it is soft handles or separable bottle crates … ergonomics is key to generating a positive consumer impact through a positive and improved user experience By creating visually appealing crates with a strong identity for point-of-sale, we give our customers an edge in positioning their brands. We are highly conscious of the significance of innovation, and successful new beverage packaging solutions features quickly become the standard. Nearly all important developments in the field of beverage crates originated in our company.

Sustainable Beverage crates for the beverage industry.

In addition, Schoeller Allibert has developed a range of products especially for the beverage industry: Special footprint plastic pallets, locator boards for soft drink bottles, and a full range of Foldable IBC’s : the Combo® Life, the Combo Fructus® and brand new Combo Excelsior® - providing 100% safe shipping units for fruit juices, concentrates and liquid ingredients Our Foldable Large Container range Magnum Optimum® now offers 2 standard footprints and an integrated hopper variant ideal for shipping and dispensing caps and closures at high speed beverage end of line bottling.

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