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Most of Schoeller Allibert’s automotive industry packaging solutions are developed in conjunction with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, Tier One suppliers and pooling operators. Our solutions are designed to eliminate waste and maximize savings in global and standardized supply chains.

For more than 30 years, the Automotive industry has chosen reusable transit packaging ( RTP ) for its logistics and defined common standards in order to reduce logistics costs and increase supply chain efficiency . Increased volumes and transport distances together with a greater diversity of parts and shapes, requires flexible, versatile and modular packaging which still offers standardized footprints to enhance efficiency and profitability within global automotive supply chains.

Our range of automotive parts packaging solutions are designed to meet the highest industry standards

Our dedicated automotive packaging solutions include: The VDA KLT and Galia container ranges we supply are fully compatible with automated handling equipment. They can be fitted with dunnage adapted for specific parts shapes and provide individual protection. These stackable containers along with plastic pallets and pallet covers form complete standard logistics units. The Euroclick® stackable crates range, also available in ESD material, offer unique features such as the click Holder® and click booster®. These reusable packaging are versatile and perfectly adapted to automotive industry tracking needs.

The famous Magnum Optimum® range is widely used by major automotive industry and pooling sector companies and is now available in both 1210 and 1208 footprints. It is the ideal reusable Folding Large Container ( FLC) for the Automotive supply chain : lighter than metal grid containers, operator friendly and offers the highest folding ratio in the market. The Magnum Optimum® maximizes reverse logistics savings and its optimized internal volume helps reduce our customers’ environmental impact through less trucks on the roads and reduced fuel consumption . The Optiframe ® optional spacer creates a modular system and allows textile and thermoformed dunnage to travel back inside the folded container, totally safe and further enhancing savings. All our standard and bespoke automotive packaging solutions are fully recyclable at the end of their long service life.

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