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Image Of 4401105 - BigBox Classic 1200x1000x915 - 4C, Solid

4401105 - BigBox Classic 1200x1000x915 - 4C, Solid

Big Box 1210: Food-tested and large-volume plastic box

Our 1200 x 1000 Big Box® is the ideal solution for transporting and storing large and bulky products. The large load carrier has a very high capacity of 620 liters and a loading capacity of 500 kg. The dead weight, however, is relatively low at 39.5 kg for the 4 feet version. Due to the standardized dimensions, several Big Boxes can be easily stacked on top of each other. This not only enables space-saving storage, but also easy maneuvering with fork-lift trucks and pallet trucks.


The floor and walls of the large volume container are closed and the four feet give it a firm footing. The special wall construction ensures that the Big Box can hold about 10% more interior volume. The round corners as well as the smooth surface inside and outside ensure a thorough and at the same time hygienic cleaning. A cleaning in industrial washes with short-term temperatures of up to 80 ° C is possible.


The Big Box consists of a thermoplastic hard polyethylene plastic. The material makes it particularly stable and resistant. In addition, the large box has a high resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals. Thus, it is perfect for storing products well protected for a long time.


The application area of ​​the Bix Box is versatile. Most common uses are the transportation as well as the longer storage of various products, e.g. from industrial production. Usage in the following industries is common: Aerospace, Chemical, Electrical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Waste & Recycling. Due to its food authenticity, this large volume container is also universally applicable in food production and agriculture.


    Areas of application of the large load carrier

    • Industrial production
    • food industry
    • Automotive Industry

    BigBox Classic: Proven concept foldable container with reliable features.

    More details


    • food approved
    • Strong & sturdy design
    • Easy to repair
    • Easy to clean
    • Suitable for washing
    • Different versions available
    • Warranty
    • Fully recyclable

    Product specifications

    Product reference4401105
    External max length (L)1200 mm
    External max width (W)1000 mm
    External max height (H)915 mm
    Net weight (Kg)44 kg
    Operational temperature range-20 °C - 40 °C
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