ESD Euroclick® at TRCZ

ESD Euroclick® at TRCZ

Customer details

Customer 's name: TRCZ s.r.o. Lovosice
Czech republic
Business segment: Automotive
Product: multifunctional switches, safety belts, and other active and passive safeguarding components
Market segment:: Electronical components
Market position: Leading supplier for safeguarding components
Turnover: 118 Mio. €
Number of employees: 950

Customer story

Our customer TRCZ at Lovosice ( CZ ) is an automotive parts supplier specialized in active and passive safety equipment for vehicles . Typical parts are safety belts and all types of multifunctional switches with electronics components . Supplying most world-famous car manufacturers for it’s CZ site employing 950 people TRCZ is using RTP for outbound logistics Equiped with Eurostacking containers the customer was looking for an optimized solution for a new project:

Background and existing solution

Expectations and requirements

To meet the requirements of the new projects at TRCZ, containers needed to be:

lighter and stronger than the current fleet, designed to work seamlessly with all automated equipment, compatible with existing fleet to mix references on pallet units, made of ESD material to avoid static electricity shocks to electronic parts, offering multiple labelling options, competitive in price, long lasting and recyclable

Euroclick® solution ESD material

Euroclick 43145: 400x300x145 mm – ESD – 8301.000.920 incl. printing
  Euroclick 43175: 400x300x175 mm – ESD – 8302.000.920
  Testing full compatibility with old version Eurocontainer

Succesful introduction of Euroclick® in the TRCZ Logisitics

Euroclick® has proven to be fully compatible with all other Euro containers, allowing versatility of pallet units constitution Thanks to its’ robots friendly design Euroclick® is fast and safe on automated handling systems and increases intralogistics efficiency. Rounded corners and smooth surfaces are operator friendly and ergonomic handgrips facilitate manual handling.

Offering a host of labelling options it is easy to track and trace. Lighter than previous generations of Euro containers Euroclick® optimizes vehicle fill. Strong and long lasting it allows a fast ROI.

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