9960001 - Maxinest Plus Half Flat Dual-Height 400x300x108

9960001 - Maxinest Plus Half Flat Dual-Height 400x300x108

Maxinest® is an award-winning, proven leader in the retail market. Maxinest® Plus features a conveyor base allowing it to function perfectly with automated handling equipment. With its high nesting ratio, the Maxinest® is designed to replace one-way transport packaging for food and grocery retail. Reduce your business' transport costs and improve the efficiency of your supply chain logistics. Maxinest® is the only produce tray offering multi-height options enabling the same tray to be used for different applications. Optimize your warehouse and vehicle fill with the Maxinest®. 

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  • Reinforced base
  • Bale arm with dual height option
  • Easy customisation
  • Easy label removal
  • Etikettenhalter
  • Stack- and nestable design
  • Stack- and nestable design - space saving
  • Ergonomic handgrips
  • Maxinest Clip - Secure mixed stacking

Product specifications

Product reference 9960001
Außenlänge Maximal 401 mm
Außenbreite Maximal 301.5 mm
Außenhöhe Maximal 107.5 mm
Innenlänge Minimum 364 mm
Innenbreite Minimum 257.5 mm
Individual Load Capacity 5.5 kg
Max Dynamic Load on Bottom Container in a Stack 134 kg
Incremental stack height (Ha) 96.2 mm
Nutzbares Volumen 7.7 L
Net weight kg 0.71 kg
Operational Temperature Range -10 °C - 50 °C


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