82920CZ - ChemiFlow 1000L 1200x1000x1323 - 3R

82920CZ - ChemiFlow 1000L 1200x1000x1323 - 3R

This UN certified 1200x1000 Chemiflow® makes transporting hazardous liquids easy. Its repairable, multi-component, 100% plastic design makes Chemiflow® simple to maintain and keeps repair costs to a minimum.  The residual liquid is minimised thanks to the heavily sloped design of the tank base. The welded valve ensures an extra-strong connection to the container, improving its ability to withstand leaks. The valve bolt prevents any unintended rotation or uncoupling of the valve from the container. The central top-fill requires no additional machine configuration for either emptying or filling. UN 31HH1 certified density of 1.9 sg. 

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Product specifications

Product referentie 82920CZ
Uitwendige max. lengte (L) 1200 mm
Uitwendige max. breedte (B) 1000 mm
Uitwendige max. hoogte (H) 1323 mm
Maximale dynamische belasting op de onderste container in een stapel 2200 kg
Incrementele stapelhoogte (H) 1308 mm
Bruikbaar volume (l) 1000 L
Netto gewicht (kg) 134 kg
Operationeel temperatuurbereik -18 °C - 40 °C

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2549461 - Magnum Optimum 1200x1000x975 - 2R 2DD

Referentie 2549461
Afmetingen (lxbxh) 1200 mm x 1000 mm x 975 mm
Volume 847 L
Netto gewicht 51 kg
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4301500 - Maximus 1200x1200x790 - 2R Perfo

Referentie 4301500
Afmetingen (lxbxh) 1200 mm x 1200 mm x 790 mm
Volume 802 L
Netto gewicht 42.1 kg
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5600300 - CF315 1219x1118x1186 - 3R

Referentie 5600300
Afmetingen (lxbxh) 1219 mm x 1118 mm x 1186 mm
Volume 1192 L
Netto gewicht 110 kg
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8397500 - 48x48" AgriMax 1219x1219x724 - 2R

Referentie 8397500
Afmetingen (lxbxh) 1219 mm x 1219 mm x 723.9 mm
Volume 806 L
Netto gewicht 39.5 kg
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Pallets 1208 Special Pallets
Stack Nest Bi Cplour 180 Stack Nest Straight (50% or less)
Rigid pallet Containers 1000X600 Geobox
Rigid pallet Containers 1000X600 Geobox 1210
Pallets 1210 Medium
Pallets 1208 Medium

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