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Agriculture and in particular the cultivation and processing of fruit, vegetables, horticulture, and wine grapes is a demanding and specialised industry. For these sectors, packaging must be highly efficient, strong, and able to withstand harsh working and weather conditions. The packaging must also maintain the freshness, appearance, and quality of the harvested product between field and supermarket or local farmers markets.  
Schoeller Allibert offers a wide range of quality returnable transit packaging (RTP) solutions that are strong, reusable, long-lasting, and compatible with automated systems. These solutions reduce logistics costs and improve supply chain efficiency, providing a rapid return on investment. Schoeller Allibert’s stackable crates, nestable crates, foldable bins, large rigid containers, foldable containers, and IBC containers, offer the perfect solution to many of the issues faced in this industry.  

Storage container for fruit and vegetables

The Maximus® 1212 and 1210 are widely used across Europe, the products are ideal for harvesting and long-term storage in cool chambers for all types of fruits and vegetables.  The Maximus® Big Box is a lightweight storage container for fruit and vegetables offering a large internal volume, which can stack up to 4,5 tons, therefore optimising cool chamber and transport storage spaces. Schoeller Allibert is additionally able to offer packaging solutions for soft fruit and vegetables, with shallow rigid large containers from their Agrilog® range, which provides maximum care for fragile fruit and vegetables during the harvesting process, packing stations and transport.

Intermediate Bulk Container with an international footprint 

The Combo Fructus ® foldable IBC is the most hygienic fruit and vegetable logistic solution on the market. Specially designed for the tomato paste and fruit juice industries, with its international standard footprint 44” X 48”, it has a high folding ratio and a capacity of up to 1,300 litres, making the Combo Fructus® a perfect solution for the safe and hygienic transport of pastes and juices all around the world. 

Solutions for the wine and champagne industry

For the grapes harvests in the wine and champagne industry, a wide range of products can be used for many different applications in the harvest process from manual handling to automated processing. To offer the grapes utmost protection during handling, the range has been designed and developed in collaboration with external wine industry professionals. By using, the same container from start to finish the number of spoiled grapes will be reduced. To protect the grapes further containers can be palletized with a pallet cover. To meet food industry processing standards all containers are made of food-safe materials.  

Food contact safe

All our reusable packaging solutions can be 100% recycled into brand new food contact packaging at the end of their long service life, thanks to our unique in-house EFSA-approved recycling processes, thus further lowering their environmental impact.  

Highlighted products for agriculture

Maximus®1212, our star product

* Product made out of high-performance EFSA approved plastic - Food approved 

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STRONG4FRESH®, our forget-me-not

Available in 4 different sizes:

Champagne & Wine range, our hidden gem

* Product made out of high-performance EFSA approved plastic - Food approved 

Available in our champagne & wine range:

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